Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This song was dedicated to Amor Ministries by Humphrey at Rainbow FM 90.7 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Humphrey wrote: "dedication to Amor Ministries-Sáciame Señor/Yo Sé Que Estás Aquí by Donnie McClurkin & JoAnn Rosario" and aired it early this week. What a beautiful and appropriate song to be devoted to Amor!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


As I promised on my last blog is tonight's live broadcast from my living room to Rainbow FM 90.7 in Johannesburg, South Africa. I think the interview talks for itself so with no further adieu.... click the photo below. I hope you enjoy this short conversation about what just happened in the US economy, what just occurred this morning in South Africa politics, and see how I avoided a controversial political opinion that Humphrey often likes to drag, or should I say, "trap me into".

Click the photo to the left to hear the live radio interview.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Our partnership with Rainbow FM 90.7 in Johannesburg, South Africa has taken on a whole new dimension with Amor's acquisition of a portable broadcasting studio. Humphrey Birkenstock at Rainbow FM has regularly been asking me to call into his morning radio broadcast. Sometimes I am at the Amor Headquarters in San Diego but most of the time I am calling from home to his morning show in Johannesburg which normally airs at 6:50am (Johannesburg time) to about 9am (Johannesburg time) which for me is 9:46pm (California time) to about midnight (California time). We are doing a short broadcast from San Diego this Sunday, September 21 at 9:45pm (PST). You can hear this broadcast live at this time at Rainbow FM 90.7 audio streaming ( or by going to the website at Rainbow FM 90.7 at and clicking on "Audio Streaming". I am also going to record this Sunday's broadcast and we should be able to have it available on the next blog post.

Scotty and Steve at Amor Ministries broadcasting to
Rainbow FM 90.7
via the internet to the Global Christian
Community of Rainbow FM 90.7

Here is the new Rainbow FM/Amor 90.7's California,
USA broadcast
studio at Amor Ministries Headquarters
in San Diego, California...
in the offices of Amor CEO
Scott Congdon.

Click the image to the left to hear the live recording of Humphrey at Rainbow FM 90.7 announcing the new San Diego broadcast studio.

Click the image to the left to go to the website for Rainbow FM 90.7 where they announce even more about the new San Diego studio.