Friday, February 22, 2008

South Africa Update- 3 Weeks To Go

As we near the departure of our team to South Africa in just 3 weeks, an update on our progress seemed very appropriate at this time. So here is the latest news:

  • The house building sites have been approved by the government and local Kimberley Pastors have visited each location.
  • The building plans for the Amor houses have been approved by the government including the approval of the building material list.
  • We are waiting on the final word from the government if we are going to receive any funds from the government for building materials.
  • We have confirmed that a videographer and a biographer from the US will be joining the team during the week we are building homes in Kimberley.
  • If we need to the have the slabs poured before the team from the United Kingdom arrives our partners in South Africa have stated that this can be accomplished.
  • The UK Team has confirmed that they are bringing 70 mission trip participants.
  • Depending on the option of funds from the South African government, we will be building at least 5 homes with a maximum of 10 with funding.

Monday, February 18, 2008

A House Indeed

Normally I would have posted a quote in the left hand margin of this blog There, along with all the other statistics I find in my daily reading it would have been listed for the curious to see. But what I just read in the Business Day newspaper from South Africa is what I feel significant enough that I will post it as its own post.

"House is such an important need that existing without it, either for residential or commercial purposes, makes life meaningless and by extension, threatens society's social security." BusinessDay- February 19,2008