Friday, February 22, 2008

South Africa Update- 3 Weeks To Go

As we near the departure of our team to South Africa in just 3 weeks, an update on our progress seemed very appropriate at this time. So here is the latest news:

  • The house building sites have been approved by the government and local Kimberley Pastors have visited each location.
  • The building plans for the Amor houses have been approved by the government including the approval of the building material list.
  • We are waiting on the final word from the government if we are going to receive any funds from the government for building materials.
  • We have confirmed that a videographer and a biographer from the US will be joining the team during the week we are building homes in Kimberley.
  • If we need to the have the slabs poured before the team from the United Kingdom arrives our partners in South Africa have stated that this can be accomplished.
  • The UK Team has confirmed that they are bringing 70 mission trip participants.
  • Depending on the option of funds from the South African government, we will be building at least 5 homes with a maximum of 10 with funding.

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