Monday, November 10, 2008


Steve Horrex and Forrest Fowler from the Amor South Africa Advance Team arrived in Johannesburg Sunday night. Steve writes, "We made it here safely and here is the first picture from our dinner meeting that Rainbow FM 90.7 station manager Humphrey Birkenstock hosted. We have made our plans for the week we are here in Johannesburg and now it's all in God's Hands. We are scheduled to be on Rainbow FM 90.7 this Tuesday morning so make sure you're listening-
Steve Horrex".

From left- Humphrey Birkenstock, Steve Horrex,
Forrest Fowler, and Arnie Hicks.

Is that "Monkey Gland Steak" I see on their dinner plates? Or maybe "Kudu" or "Eland"?


It was this morning, which was this evening for Steve, when he shared how his first day on the ground in Johannesburg went. When you listen to the Podcast below he'll tell you about the surprise weather and some interesting developments in the huge housing need for the poor in South Africa. Its one of the shortest podcasts we have ever done, barely 5 minutes. Consider this just a preview of things to come this week as we communicate with Steve this week in South Africa. Tonight at 8:50 PST, Nov. 10, 2008, Steve will be doing a live radio interview from the Rainbow FM 90.7 studios. I hope to record this interview and email it to you tomorrow with lots of pictures they took today. For now, click the Amor Podcast Logo below and enjoy listening to Steve in South Africa.

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