Sunday, June 14, 2009


I got the call yesterday that the Chico EV Free Church/Amor team arrived in Johannesburg last night. What didn't make it on their plane was their luggage. Apparently bad weather in Atlanta, Georgia, where they were catching their connecting flight to Johannesburg, was delayed due to bad weather. They sat on the plane for just under two hours in Atlanta and were concerned they were going to miss their connecting flight. I got the call from their group leader, Dan Irving, that they were going to make their flight after all. The next call I got was from the Amor staff in Johannesburg saying they had arrived in Joburg (short for Johannesburg).

Since the team didn't have their luggage last night they checked into a Days Inn Hotel for the night. This morning they left the hotel in a bus and attended a church service in Johannesburg. I am eager to hear their report this afternoon so I can post it this evening to this blog.

As I was writing this post the Amor staff were at the Johannesburg airport picking up the "late arriving" luggage. As they say, "better late than never!"

One of Amor's staff/team members, Forrest Fowler, had something funny to share yesterday. He emailed me to say, "The first group has arrived and Steve Horrex [Amor's Vice President of Global Expansion] is on his way to pick up Dan Irving's group at the airport now. Things are going well, but it's sure cold here at night!

"Wanted to tell you a funny story. Remember how you were always turning on the windshield wipers whenever you wanted to make a turn here in Johannesburg since we have to drive on the other side of the road compared to the US? I was telling Carrie about it and telling her how crazy it made me and that you started doing it on purpose just to annoy me.
Now it's my turn! I can't seem to stop doing it! Every time I get in the truck and want to turn, I'm turning on the wipers! You have your revenge, it's driving me absolutely nuts! I can't stop my self, and of course I laugh every time thinking about how much I teased you about it. I guess I'll have to be more sensitive to you next time.

Things are going well.
Hope you are doing well and we are thinking of you and wishing you could be here to join us."

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