Monday, March 20, 2006

More on "Muchas Gracias"

Mary G. Reoblings is the Chairman of the board of a large Trust as well as having been on the board of a very large university. During a funding campaign she shared with a colleague about the "seven thank you's", "People like to be thanked, they want to know that what they have done is appreciated, really appreciated. When we get a gift that we think is special,lets find a way to thank the person at least seven times before we ever ask them again for another gift. "Seven times!

They followed this "seven times" admonishment. There was a letter from the president. A letter from the chairman of the board. A handwritten note from the vice president. And a letter from the treasurer with the official receipt. Several months later, a note from a student who had received some scholarship assistance. A letter from the head of the department whose discipline had been particularly affected by the special campaign. A very brief personal note attached to the announcement of the groundbreaking ceremony, reminding the donor of how important their gift had been in making this day possible. Count them, seven times, and it was easy.

When the next campaign was announced, these people averaged gifts three times the amount of their original donation.

And what a better and nicer world it is if we are all saying "thank you" seven more times than we already are. So, to that end, my first "thank you" is for you having taken the time to read this post.

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