Monday, April 09, 2007

Banking For The Poor

Technology continues to amaze me. Applications for non profit organizations as well as directly for the poor are becoming astounding.

For example, I just sent an email to one of our Finance Committee members with an article about how cheap cell phones and online banking is being used to bring banking directly to the poor for the first time. Many poor women in Africa are buying the first cell phone in their village and charging the villagers per call as they contact their relatives, do business, and do their banking. Not only is technology changing cities, wireless technologies are rapidly affecting rural economies- one village at a time.

Obviously I love this stuff. Just like the last three blogs I did. One was done by calling an 800 number to Gabcast which is then automatically posted to my blog. Another I left a voice mail message on my cell phone, recorded it with some sofware on the phone, and then it was also automatically posted wirelessly to my blog. This posting was written on my cell phones keyboard and then sent to my blog. Amazing! I can't wait to see what's next.

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