Monday, April 02, 2007

South Africans Have Arrived


Eleven South African young adults and ministers arrived in San Diego this weekend. They are a part of a team consisting of British, Welsh, Canadian, and South Africans who have joined Amor in Rosario, Mexico this week to plan, do, and learn how to build homes in South Africa in 2008. This team of one hundred will build five houses and participate in training meetings and discussions with Amor staff covering nearly every aspect of organizing, planning, and facilitating a mission trip.

On Saturday, March 31, the South Africans learned all about Amor's history, Mission, Values, and projects. A highlight for me was a live broadcast that was done from our conference room to a South African radio station called FM 90.7. One of the members of the South African team, Humphrey Birkenstock, is a radio broadcaster for this station. He called South Africa on his cell phone as several of us were interviewed and we listened to the broadcast via audio streaming on his laptop. It was a truly exciting and amazing experience that was aired by a radio station that has an audience of over 200,000.

This radio station has also set up a web page on the radio stations home page to share regular updates on the progress of their trips. You can view this journal at the link below and look for "Five Nations Mission: Trip Report":


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