Thursday, June 28, 2007

Behind the Scenes

I don't know whether to write about amazing technology use in the field in Mexico or about how most people never see or even hear about a medical run to border.

technology wins for the moment. I just have to write about how amazing cell phones have changed things in even poverty stricken countries. I am sitting in my truck, in rural Mexico, at a ranch writing a blog on my cell phone (a Blackberry to be exact). After I am done writing this blog, which is actually an email to my blog, I will hit the email send button and it will send what I just wrote to my Blog. What an amazing phenomenon.

Yesterday I was
really scratching my head for something to blog about. Everything was pretty much normal, as usual stuff. Then, someone got sick, probably from dehydration, and I jumped into emergency run to the border to a US hospital mode. This is certainly one of those events that may get officially reported but they probably go pretty much unnoticed by the average trip participant or the general public.

This blog entry is in honor of all those untold
heroes who have had to lead a midnight medical run. The only good thing about one of these runs is that since they are usually late night events the border lines back into the US are usually pretty short.

When was the last time you saw five cars in the regular border lanes? Last night I did. Its amazing how quiet the roads and border are at 11:30pm. I guess that there really is other good news in that in the history of
Amor, every medical run ended up with a good ending- the sick person got well.

I thank God for the dedicated team members who have needed to lead a medical drive to the US. Thanks for going the extra miles, often late at night to serve those in need.

By the way, its also a real blessing to see how our buddies at Camping Pros always jump into help, especially in urgent camp issues. Next time you see one of the team members at Camping Pros tell them how much we all love them! They too have real servant hearts.

And now, I hit the "send" button on my cell phone and launch this Blog: Send!
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