Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Family Camp In Full Swing

I'm writing this from the big tent in Family Camp at Rancho in Tijuana. Its a beautiful sight and sound to hear over 150 family members singing old as well as new hymns and songs together during their evening program.

It doesn't matter that it has a dirt floor. It doesn't matter that every one is tired from building and standing up walls all day. It doesn't matter that most of them haven't had showers. No, what matters is they all have found the energy deep inside to sing such a beautiful harmony. They have all dug deep to give thanks to God after a long, hard day of building homes for some very needy Mexican families.

I truly believe we all find more energy than we ever know when we know God is using us to do his will.

One of the Family Camp participants, Rocco Ferrario, that I met tonight, is someone I have not seen for 20 years since we were at my home church in Orange County, California. Our reunion once again reminded me that the purpose for which God gives us this energy has been the same driving force since we started Amor 27 years ago.

Listen to an incredible story about how this long time friend of Amor Ministries and Family Camp participant, Rocco, remembers building one of the first Amor homes built at the Tijuana dump.

Click the link below to hear Rocco's story:


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