Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Amor Headquarters Opened After Fires

Amor Headquarters in San Diego re-opened today after fires in San Diego forced it closing last Monday and Tuesday. Four of our team member's families were in mandatory evacuation areas and they have all now been able to return to their homes.

In relief, much less celebration, the Amor team held an all team lunch at Headquarters today.
While we enjoyed the all team lunch, the skies above continued to be full of smoke and dust from the fires that have now turned their direction eastward, away from the communities surrounding the offices of Amor.

While the numbers of San Diegans still evacuated from their homes is well over 300,000, much of San Diego is getting back to a somewhat normal rhythm. The latest statistics on this fire are:

  • 512,000 people evacuated
  • 375,000 acres burned(470 square miles)
  • 1,300 building destroyed
  • Estimated 1 billion dollars in damage

1 comment:

Matt said...

Wow Scott, your friends in Nebraska are praying for you guys in So. Cal. From watching the news it seems like things are getting at least a little better for now.