Sunday, October 14, 2007


No, its not the movie- VERTIGO. It was me last week in New Mexico. I'm not sure what brought it on but maybe a lot of air travel didn't help. In case you are wondering what "vertigo" is, its typically an inner ear syndrome that completely throws off your balance. I woke up one morning last week at 5am, in the dark, with the room spinning like crazy. I tried to stand up and get out of bed, but that was a bad idea. I was then laying on the floor. Not having any clew what was going on, I crawled out of the camp trailer I was in to the front porch for some fresh, frigid air. I thought maybe I was dizzy from a gas leak or maybe even carbon monoxide.

A lot happened in the next two hours, leading to me ending up in a bed in an emergency room over an hour away in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Hooked up to an IV with my head still spinning and my stomach rolling, I was wondering what was going on. After spending nearly a day in the emergency room, I was released around 4pm with the explanation that all my vitals were normal and that I had "vertigo". I couldn't drive, walked quite unsteadily, but fortunately the medicine they prescribed took away the ill feeling.

The good news is that after recovering at the home a great friend in El Paso, I managed to get on a plane last Thursday to fly home to San Diego. I had an unsettling, dizzy/ill spell just one hour before the plane was to leave however . Just at that time I got an email on my cell phone from, of all places, South Africa. It was from Pastor Abel Govender saying, "We are in prayer for you at this time and trust that the Lord will continue His healing and favor upon you. " I felt a wonderful peace fall upon me and the dizziness and illness passed. I was able to board the plane and I soon found myself landing in San Diego.

What a roller caster ride last week was. Actually the last two weeks. I started in Indiana, then traveled to Ohio. I flew home on Friday and flew to Texas on Sunday. I then drove to New Mexico and then this adventure started.

I had all kinds of great meetings in the last week but the time I had hoped to spend updating my blogs and answering emails ended up being recovery time. So, stay tuned for catch up posts.

Oh, one more thing. If you have every had a "Vertigo" experience I would love to hear them. Just comment to this this post.

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