Thursday, March 06, 2008

Scott Starts Podcasting

My aged laptop computer finally gave way to a new one and much to my surprise it came as an Apple MacBook. After struggling through the Windows to Mac transition I have finally mastered enough of it to figure out how to podcast. Basically this a way of developing and publishing a lot of different media types than can be played on iPods, other media devices, including computers.

I published our first podcast this week with the help of Steve Horrex, our Director of International Relations. This initial podcast is a 15 minute discussion of why Amor is going to South Africa. Click on this link, Simply Scott Podcast, or the picture below to view the podcast page. I am also adding a link to the Simply Scott blog that makes it easy to click on and navigate to the Simply Scott Podcast.

1 comment:

Keith said...

Great "first" podcast, great to hear you guys. Makes me want to be there building homes now. Together we can help make this world a little better place.