Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I've been on a world wind tour of Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico today. Steve Horrex, Amor Director of International Relations, and Gayla, Amor Chief Spiritual Officer, and I met with the top city officials of Tijuana. Our intent was to meet the newly elected officials now in office in Tijuana, re-acquaint them with Amor, and request their support in locating land for a new camp and Center of Appropriate Technology. Among the officials we met with were the head Administrator for the city as well as the Director of Public Relations. As usual, they were very receptive, appreciative and more than welcome to assist us.

Steve will be going with officials in the next week or so to look at potential available property for our needs. This all goes so well in hand with our newly developed partnership with one of Tijuana's leading universities, the University of Tijuana.

Immediately after our meeting with the city, I drove to the old Tijuana dump. Not the original Tijuana dump were we built our first homes in 1985-1990, but the old, new dump that has recently been closed and moved towards Tecate. As it was, Amor board member Dan Kuban was working with a college group from his church in Tennessee. This week they have been doing some additions for some very need families. After many years of working with Amor at our Juarez location, Dan had never seen the areas in Tijuana where we work. Dan and I drove from his work location at the dump, our our Rosarito Beach camp, south though Rosarito Beach, past the Foxploration movies studios to what is knows as Dos Mil (2000) highway. This is Tijuana's newest highway project and traverses the far south extreme hills of Tijuana and wraps all the way around to the eastern fringes of Tijuana, almost to the border community and border crossing of Otay.

We visited several work sites were Amor had built homes and then visited Rancho Amor, our main camp in Tijuana. It was interesting seeing the Ranch before the big Memorial weekend. There were nearly a hundred tents laying flat on the ground in preparation for the weekend groups. I am not sure how many groups or people for that matter will be at Ranch this weekend, but its a lot. I'll let you know on my next post.

Our travels reminded how much Tijuana is continuing to grow. Tijuana is a big city now, well into 3 million people. I love this city. From the ocean, the beaches, through the city, to the rural countryside, its city of adventure and amazing history. I was reminded of how much this city means to us as Gayla shared just that sentiment with the city leaders today with here eyes watering up. She has been involved with ministry in Tijuana for well over 30 years. Amor has been involved for 28 years here. It breaks her heart and mine about all the disproportionate media regarding the supposed violence in Mexico. There is a war on drugs in Mexico, thank goodness.

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