Friday, April 18, 2008


Its hard for us to believe that nearly two weeks have passed since we all returned from the South Africa mission trip. I think that part of the delay of writing this post is that so many things have been running through all our heads regarding this amazing trip. This was truly a history making, "His Story" making (as author Dan Irving describes it) and life changing experience. We have all come back with memories of amazing experiences, our hearts changed, and a renewed passion to return to South Africa with a fervor.

I thought that I would let this post tell its story in pictures and other people's testimonies before I find the clarity to give my perspective on this trip.

To start with I think seeing the trip video that was created by trip participant, Doug Hurrell (Ribbit Media Productions) tells much of this great story. Click the Youtube link below to see the video Doug created for the Amor and United Kingdom group. Its about 8 minutes.

Youtube Video of Amor/UK South Africa 2008 Mission Trip

Another great link to visit is a Facebook page created by two of our South Africa mission trip participants, Hannah Halpin and Claire-Emily Kingsley. Click the link below to see all sorts of resources and other links:

Facebook Page of Amor/UK South Africa 2008 Mission Trip

You have got to check out the Fickr account we set up for us all to upload our photographs of this trip at the link below. There are 1.419 photos already uploaded and more being sent each week. Some of the people who have contributed to taking and collecting all these photos include Steve Cosgrove, Dan Irving, Steve Horrex, and yours truly, Scotty.

Flickr Photos Page of Amor/UK South Africa 2008 Mission Trip

Humphrey Birkenstock put a photo album on his South Africa radio station's Webite and you can see it by clicking below:

Rainbow FM 90.7 Photo Album of Amor House Housebuilding in Grasmere, South Africa

Dan Irving and Humphrey Birkenstock in Front of 5 New Amor Homes

Oh, one more link I think you might enjoy! Dan Irving spoke in his church, EV Free Chico, just before we left for South Africa. Its about 15 minutes long. Click below:

Dan Irving Speaking At EV Free Chico About The Upcoming South Africa Trip

Momentum for our future in South Africa continues to build as Steve Horrex and Dan Irving facilitate a South Africa celebration this Sunday at EV Free Church in Chico. I continue to work diligently in planning our future trips for 2009.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on what we have planned South Africa in 2009!!!

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