Monday, July 07, 2008


On a recent trip to Cancun, Mexico to work on the planning for our Cancun Campus I met someone I had previously met nearly eight years ago. Macario Morales was the recipient of the last home Amor built in Cancun. It was in early 2000 when Amor built a home for Macario with his wife and 4 children. Unfortunately things became difficult in the Morales family and they separated. Gilberto Figeroa met Macario at the church they were the both were attending. Gilberto was helping build the church as he continues to do today.

Gilberto at the church he has been helping build.

For nearly 5 years Gilberto lost touch with Macario. Just 4 months ago Gilberto decided to track him down. Macario was driving a taxi in Cancun. Gilberto needed a mechanic to work on his vehicles including the tractor was being used to build the road and grade the land where Amor’s future campus with be. Macario is a handy man of all kinds.

Macario (on the left) and Gilberto (on the right)

The Amor Campus is located in a development called “La Cienega” which in English basically means a “a big place with water”. Gilberto is developing a residential gated community of some 100 acres located just 10 miles south of the Cancun International Airport. It is nearly a mile off the main Cancun-Tulum highway. That mile feels several miles since it is deep in the Yucatan jungle. There is currently no inhabitants, much less electricity, running water, or any amenities- just raw pristine jungle with a meandering limestone gravel road (known as ‘sascabe’) that runs directly to the entrance of the Amor Campus.

Gilberto and Macario discussing repairs needed
on the
tractor at the entrance to the housing and
Campus project.

Macario is currently fixing the tractor that is situated at the entrance to La Cienega. This is a small, old, but capable tractor known as “Mosquito”. Macario also drives the tractor as he continues to build roads and grade the entire La Cienega and Amor Campus project. The tractor is driven six days a week from 8am to 5pm, raining or not. And it rains a lot here. Why do you think they call it a jungle?

Gilberto has been ministering to Macario every since they became re-aquianted. Just last week Macario promised to go back to church this week. Gilberto says Macario is a great worker and a good man. He knows he is working on the Amor Campus as do all of Gilberto’s other workers. Knowing that they are helping build a Christian Campus gives them incredible motivation to brave the often stifling heat and humidity in the jungle. Gilberto reminds them of the story of the 3 brick layers who was asked what they were doing. The first brick layer said, “ I am laying bricks, of course.” The second brick layer say, “I am building a wall.” The third brick layer said, “Why I am building a catheral!”

Gilberto said that all his workers know that they aren’t just cutting roads our of the jungle with a machete. They aren’t just driving a tractor to level the ground. No, they aren’t just cutting down trees to clear they terrain. They all know they in their own personal way they are building God’s kingdom. They are building a Christian Campus to train pastors and missionaries who will change the world in the name of Jesus.

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