Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Today was a real first for Amor!! I took three kids and Steve Cosgrove, Amor's Chairman of Strategic Partnership Alliance, from our South Africa work site to Rainbow FM 90.7's studio in Johannesburg today . We did a live over the phone broadcast to WZPL in Indianapolis, Indiana on the "Smiley in the A.M." show. I other words, we broadcast live in Johannesburg and talked to Dave Smiley, the WZPL broadcaster at the same time. People were listening to Steve and the kids share about their experiences in South Africa this week on the air to hundreds of thousands of listeners as they drove to work in Indianapolis while another couple hundred thousand more listened to the same broadcast live in Johannesburg as they finished their lunches. The same broadcast heard on opposite sides of the world at the same time. I don't care who your are.......that's amazing!!!

Countless thanks to Steve Cosgrove for setting this up, WZPL in Indianapolis and Rainbow FM 90.7 in Johannesburg for making this Amor first possible.

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