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April 6, 2009


OK! I have been a bad blogger. And, you're never supposed to comment on your frequency of blogging or apologize for it, but I am. We've been busy here in Africa!!!!

I really thought this trip would be easy for me to spend time blogging. We had plenty of Amor team members to cover the group. I was wrong. There hasn't been a dull moment. The three days I didn't blog have flown by. So, enough explaining, here is what has been going on in South Africa:

Twenty five of the. Urban Saints group arrived on Friday, April 3. The rest of the group, some 150 more, arrived on Saturday around 6am. The entire Urban Saints group then drove by bus to the Lion Park on the east side of Johannesburg. There they went into cages with lion cubs and pet them, cuddled them, and avoided being bit by them as best they could. There are some 90 lions at the Lion Park and in one area you drive into four separate lion camps that consist of a pride of lions. In other words, a huge male lion, a half dozen to a dozen females and that many more cubs. You drive right beside them to were you can literally touch them if you had your window down. This would not be a very smart thing to do though. They are all wild lions!

Sunday, April 4th, the entire group went to church and two of the UK kids came forward to accept Christ. The group was able to go shopping in the afternoon and then had dinner at the Boston Barbecue. Now the name "Boston" really throws you off since on the buffet style menu are selections like "Kudu with Raisins", "Mustard Tongue", and my favorite, "Monkey Gland Steak". The adventurous try these while the majority stick with fish sticks, potato salad, spinach and the likes. The variety of food is out of this world.

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