Friday, June 19, 2009


South Africa sunrise on the last day of work.

It's oh so cold here in South Africa but we were charged to work on our last day of our "labor of love".

Finishing touches on the roof of a new home.

A finished housed. Home sweet home.

More roof work.

The roof boards are up and all we need is this last day to put on the roofing.

The rising African sun is a welcome arrival as we finished breakfast and head to work sore, yet enthusiastic to finish our work on this, our final day of work.

Its time to head to dinner in Johannesburg at the Sunnyside Hotel and check into our rooms and get hot showers!!

Its time for to celebrate our work of service with the famous group photo.

Look at all those happy faces. See anyone you know?

Even after all that work, the group has energy to horse around. Or should we say "zebra" around.

Forrest Fowler, of Amor Ministries.....he's our hero!!!

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sue said...

The pictures did not post! Could you please try again? I have been so blessed to be able to "participate" with the group thru the pictures and greatly appreciate the time and effort that you have put in to keeping us current with all the happenings!