Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Board That Cares

I love catching Amor board members in action and I was able to do just that this week in Juarez, Mexico. I found Dan Kuban working with a group building a new church. Author John Carver, who wrote the classic book on board governance entitled "Boards that make a difference", characterizes a board member as wearing two hats. One hat is the hat that represents his role as a member of the governing board. Another hat that a board member can wear is the volunteer hat. Carver states that, "It is important that the hats are kept distinct in everyone's mind".

I love that our board members frequently wear these two hats. I believe it shows not only the passion that our board members had for our mission even before they joined the board but that they also continue to put their hearts and souls into touching the lives of the very people Amor Ministries endeavors to love and serve.

In this case, not only is Dan Kuban wearing his "volunteer hat", as you can see he is wearing his very special and unique volunteer glasses. Dan loves to work in the field helping Amor groups build homes and churches not because he is an Amor board member, but because he loves the Mexican people and he loves serving poor as an instrument of God. You can find Dan in Juarez pretty much every year during March in Juarez. Wearing my favorite hat!

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