Saturday, March 10, 2007

To Blog or Not To Blog

The first time I ever blogged I wrote what I figured was an unthrilling piece of why I decided to blog. Guess what? I have been asked that very question again. Why should Scott blog? Its an importanst question to ask after all. Now I wish I hadn't deleted my very first blog entry. That delete button...I have learned to love it and sometimes loath it. Well, according to the articles that Alon, our Director of Development, has been giving me.... its important to know why you are blogging and just as important for those who read your blogs to know.

So, I will tell you why I am blogging. Any growing organization faces a number of challenges as they address the increasing pressures of growth. One of the greatest challenges is preserving and championing the culture and values of the organization. Telling the stories that truly share what the heart of the organization and its people are.

That being said, I want to really tell you about why I even have the inspiration to write this blog. MY CO-WORKERS! That's right. For the last year I have been reading about non profit leaders who were blogging and I really didn't grab onto the value of it. I think one of the most important things a leader can do is truly listen to the people they have the opportunity to work with. First Bob Brewer, our System Architect, suggested I start blogging last Spring. So I tried it. I really couldn't understand why I was writing and where it was going. Its actually a rather unique medium because its hard to quantify what the impact is of your investment. You write, you post it, hopefully someone reads it. Then Alon approaced me and said, "You really should be blogging". I put some thought it in and then got really busy with other things again. And again Bob walked up to me at the National Advisory Board Meeting and said "I really think you should consider blogging!". Maybe I was a little hard headed on this one. I love listening to everything our team members suggest. Its definitely one of the greatest strengths of our ministry...the ideas and brilliance of every team member. Maybe it was the "third time was a charm", but I decided to take on the challenging task of blogging, again.

I am excited about this. I just ask that you give me some room to learn about how I can truly add value to what you do, feel, and know about Amor and the great ministry we get to serve and share together. The easist part of this is knowing that I get to share even more with the people I truly love, each team member and all the great people that God has brought into our lives who share our passion for serving Christ.

Bob, Alon, and all of our co-team members... thanks for the inspiration. I hope I serve you well in sharing encouraging, interesting, and real stories that are relevant and worthwhile to you.

Last thing I want to add about this is something I read last week in a book I started ready that has a really silly title, "The Little Black Book of Networking". The author, started an email newsletter that first went out to hundreds of people. Over the years the interest in reading his weekly "e-zine" grew to tens of thousands of readers. Now that's amazing growth and a real inspiration. I don't know what God has in store for this blog but all I ask it that God gets the glory for it. And remember, I need your input and ideas to make this blog successful. I look forward to writing this together with and for you.

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