Monday, November 19, 2007

At Cancun Christian University

I arrived in Cancun last night and stayed at Caribe International Hotel which is one block from Gilberto F.'s apartment. Almost as good is that it is across the street from 100% Natural Restaurant where I get my favorite papaya juice!!

We just drove through the jungle to see the progress at the site of the future Cancun Christian University. It is less than one mile from the main highway, the Cancun-Tulum Highway. We are just leaving Puerto Morelos which is a small beach front community, some 2 miles south of the University. Gilberto has a condo project he is developing in this quaint community. If you are a GPS buff the co-ordinance of the this project is N20.51.2278, W86.52.3912. There are 4 of the 8 condos available. I can't send you pictures right now because the cameras we have won't load to my laptop. I hope I can send you these photos tonight.

What is really amazing is that we are driving all around Cancun, Puerto Morelos, and now heading south towards Coba while I am connected to the internet through my wireless card on my laptop. I am writing this as we drive, connected to the internet all the time. Even I am amazed at how technology has advanced in the Yucatan region. The result of how quickly technology can advance when wireless is being introduced into previously un-developed areas around the world. Only a year ago we had no cell phone coverage at the University site. Now we have a signal that is stronger than at my home in San Diego. Amazing progress!!

I haven't been to Cancun in almost a year and the development around here is astounding. I barely recognize the areas around the University. Huge resort developments popping up every where. There is even a McDonalds around the corner from the entrance to the University. In some ways progress is good and others disappointing. Driving from the Cancun Airport seemed more exotic before the McDonalds appeared. Such is the cost of progress. On the other hand, the coffee was great.

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