Wednesday, November 07, 2007


What an amazing couple days we have had. This will be a shorter post than normal since I have had to rely on sending an email to my blog by sending it via my cell phone- using my numeric keypad! Gayla and Jordan told me it was easy. I don't think so. We visited a Nazarene Conference Center and Univerisity for a possible group dormatory site. Its a beautiful and safe site. We then went to our hosts Christian radio station, Rainbow FM 90.7 FM, for a tour of the station and to meet their staff. To finish the day we met with with some pastors and a expert Christian liaison with the housing department. I can only finish this post by saying we have been hosted by the South African people with the most amazing hospitality that its almost impossible to describe it and give them justice!

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Hiltona said...

My name is Hilton Appollis and I am almost envious about the development is South Africa. I am a good friend of Humphrey and had volunteered at Rainbow FM for over 4 years during the early days. I can agree when you say that the hospitality in South Africa is next to none. I am based in the US right now but still have a passion for my country. In February 2007 I did a Mission trip to South Africa and managed to reached over 16K learners.
I would like to volunteer my services to you and help in anyway possible.

Hilton Appollis