Saturday, November 03, 2007

Cosgrove Joins South Africa Trip At Atlanta Airport

We arrived at the Atlanta Airport to catch our adjoining flight to Manchester, England. Steve Cosgrove joined us here from Indiana. "Its exciting to see what God has in store for us. We can plan all we want, but God has a way of having his plan come about regardless of our activities", said Steve.

Steve is a key part of this trip having run numerous companies and brings extensive leadership develop experience. Steve is tremendously passionate about this trip and is really thrilled with how this project is an international coalition of people in the ministry, lay persons, and business persons coming together in a part of the world that really needs.

The flight from San Diego was very uneventful except that, much to my surprise, we had live television on the flight. I got to watch a great football game between Navy and Notre Dame! I know what most of you are thinking, Scott's preoccupation with college football is getting out of hand. I sure hope the plane from Atlanta to Manchester has the USC game on!!!

This is the last time I can blog using my US Sprint wireless internet card. From here on I will have to rely of Cyber Cafes, free WiFi when I can get, and who knows what else. And, more importantly, I hope I can manage to sleep some since the flight is leaving at 8:20pm.

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