Sunday, March 30, 2008



But first, on the much lighter side, a little more from the Scott Congdon and Steve Horrex show. These two have been working together for 25+ years and it does show. What they have worked for, planned for and orchestrated here in South Africa with Humphrey Birkenstock of Rainbow FM and Bill Hebner and his group from the U.K. is nothing short of a miracle. The planting of a mustard seed that is already growing with the anticipation of 500 volunteers coming in 2009 to build even more houses! It has already started.

Today was the day for many goodbyes and many tears were shed. Tommy the manager of Ebenzers Community Center couldn’t say goodbye. He just couldn’t do it. He was so moved by what happened here. He just couldn’t say goodbye and he just had to stay away because he didn’t want us to go.

After most everyone left, Steve and Scott could let down. Whether they will admit it or not (and they won’t) they have been under a tremendous amount of stress which has resulted with sleepless nights and some “burp,” indigestion. However, back in the car, with most everyone gone, they are back to their old selves and it went like this with Scott at the wheel and Steve in the navigator’s seat:

Steve to Scott: Turn right.
Scott: No it’s a left.
Steve: No, it’s a right. You [turkey].
Scott: Don’t call me that you [turkey]. I know it’s a left.
Steve: No you don’t, because you’re wrong.
Scott: Yes I do. I know I’m right!
Steve: Shut up!
Scott: Why should I when I know I’m right.
Steve: You don’t know, because I know you’re wrong.
And on and on and on it will hopefully continue as His Story becomes our story. His Story is the Bible which is called the “Living Word” and His Story has been alive and well with what God has accomplished through Amor here in South Africa. And for the Historic News Flash :

5 double wide homes in 5 days (Never been done here before!)

5 homes in 5 days at a cost almost 40% less than what the African government
said it could be done for!

5 homes in 5 days with a construction style that has been validated in Mexico for
the past 28 years, with thousands of homes being built with a totally different
style of construction than what South Africa is accustom to!

And we did it in less time than the South African government said it could be

Peoples lives were changed as we experienced each other and many found their
faith and now know they can trust in God!

The truth is, we didn’t do this, God did it through us and it brings hope for the future of South Africa. Won’t you please join us!

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Brigitte said...

Hey Scott... it seems that you are still trying to figure out how to leave the country...LOL... I have just poured the kids out of the bus and thought I would check your blog... Twaz a good trip..

In Him,
Bill & Brigitte Hebner