Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Amor advance team is on its way to South Africa. We departed San Diego at 6:30am, are now in Atlanta and are getting heading to board our next jet to Dakar, Senegal. We will only refuel in Dakar and head to Johannesburg. The three and a half hour flight to Atlanta was pretty smooth and uneventful.

The only adventure was trying to get through the lines at the San Diego airport. The ticket lines were so long that Forrest said to check curb side. There they informed us we couldn't check in since were were eventually going on an international flight. Steve had two bags to check so we had to go to the ticket counter. I know many of you are envisioning this and are imagining that we were bickering. We weren't! We were probably both just too plain tired! Up at 4:30am to make our 6:30am flight! Even with all this time it felt like we just barely made our flight. When we got to our gate we almost boarded immediately.

Our team today consists of Luke Makwakwa, Forrest Fowler, Steve Horrex, and myself. We are arriving five days before the Urban Saints group of 160 youth arrive from the United Kingdom. Once they arrive in Johannesburg this Saturday they will soon begin building five homes at the Ebenezer Care Center in Grassmere- on the outskirts of Johannesburg.

Got to go. They are calling us to board our plane. Here we go!

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