Monday, March 16, 2009


After just five hours of sleep I jumped out of bed on Sunday, March 15 at 5am to pack and get a ride to Amor's headquarters in San Diego. From there I joined three other of our staff to drive to the Tjiuana airport. I always like getting to airports early, preferring the more relaxed venue since airport security and the likes can be at best unpredictable. Flying from Tijuana is a unique experience but mostly not unlike another Mexican international airports. Security is a bit more relaxed than in the US. No need yet to remove shoes, don't need to take out the laptop, and you can put all your 3 ounce and under fluids in a clear plastic bag but its not necessary. Even the security personal smile quite frequently, especially when you talk to them.
If you have never flown a Mexican airlines it really is quite a pleasant experience. We actually are served a morning breakfast in the air rather the familiar peanuts. I especially like the rich Mexican coffee that is regularly served. Sorry Starbucks, on Mexicana airlines you just get beat every time.
Our flight took us to the Mexico City airport that in years past I used to dread. No air conditioning loud, and hard to figure out things... elementary things. Like, where's my gate, is it on time, etc.
Not anymore. Its air conditioned, there's a Subway and a Carl's Jr. We boarded our flight around 4pm and landed in cloudy and soon dark Cancun.

Our flight from Tijuana to Cancun was a delight. Great service, no hitches. We drove through the 15 mile hotel zone that is full of world class hotels and resorts. At night its a feast for the eyes. Palm lined streets, golf courses, it looks like a first class US resort city.
We stayed downtown at Amor benefactor, Gilberto's apartment. Downtown Cancun, a separate community for the Cancun Hotel Zone has over 700 thousand residents. Armor has built just 12 homes in Cancun having temporarily ceasing our operations here in 2001.

We are now actively involved in undertaking our ministry here by facilitating short term missions to build our Amor Cancun Campus.

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