Monday, March 30, 2009


Amor in South Africa
Steve Horrex, Forrest Fowler, Luke Makwakwa, and Scott Congdon

March 28, 2009

4:30am. Woke up before the alarm went off.  Grabed some snacks from the refrigerator, let the dog out, and took my suitcases out to the curb in front of my house to wait for my ride.

5:15am.  My ride arrives and we head to the San Diego airport.  On the way down we get a call from onr of our traveling companions who is already at the airport and he says that the ticket counter line is out the door and onto the walk over bridge.  "Check in at curbside", he says.

5:35am.  We arrive at the airport for what I thougth was a 6am flight to Atlanta and then Johannesburg.  Curbside checking was slow. I was getting nervous.  Then just as we got to the front of the line the sky cab said they couldn't check us in for an international flight.  We had two bags to check so we were told we had to go to the upstairs ticket counter after all.  Not a good prospect at this time.

5:45.  Some how the sky cab who volunteered to take our bags on a cart up the elevator to the ticket counter got us expidited.  We were in the security line with minutes to spare and then we realized we had more time that we thought.  Our departure was at 6:30am not 6:00am!  Whew.  Now you konw why I always like gettting to the airpoirt two hours early, foreign or domestic flights.

6:30am.  Our flight departs San Diego with all four of us!:  Steve Horrex, Forrest Fowler, Luke Makwakwa and myself, Scott.

10am.  We land in Atlanta, Georgia for a two and a half layover.  It time for an early lunch in the food court before we catch our plane.  Panda Express seems to follow us where ever we travel.

3:00pm.  After a hour delay of our plane at the gate with us on board we finally take off to fly across the Atlantic or the "pond" as our British friends call it.

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