Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Are We A Movement or An Organization?

USA Today had an eye catching article today entitled, "Young Adults Aren't Sticking with Church."

According to the author of of the suvey, Ed Stezter, "People are looking for a faith that can change them, and to be a part of changing the world."

This is the missing link??? How tragic this is when you consider that this is the number one reason people keep telling us they come on mission trips with us. Its a real reminder why so many of the churches across the US that bring groups with us are growing. They are the churches that are providing opportunities to develop a living faith as well as empowering them to be a part of changing the world.

What an opportunity and what a privilege it is for us to once again recognize what a pivotal and strategic position Amor has been placed to be a conduit for such a need.

This also lead me to recall a conversation I recently had with two good friends of Amor, Dan and Wayne. They both have a long history with the British non profit organization called, Toc-H.
They have both described the work of Toc-H as a "movement" not an "organization." It think that as we look closer as to how Amor goes forward, it becomes increasingly obvious that we as as much a "movement" in present times as Toc-H. We are, no doubt, in part, a product of the very "movement" that Toc-H has been described as. It will definitely be very interesting for us to process and understand our role and definition as a "movement" rather than an "organization." Both, in reference to who we are today, as well as how we "move" in the future!

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