Saturday, August 11, 2007

Board Chairman Spends Two Days At Headquarters

Amor Board Chairman, Mike Mirau, spent the best part of two days recently working together on technology issues and helping write the business plan for Cancun Christian University. Recent team member changes on the IT team made it advantageous to have Mike fly out from Dallas to spend some time with Travis Hall, Bob Brewer and myself. We reviewed the current technology and information systems of Amor, discussed present and future needs, and assessed our contingency plans. Mike spent well over 17 years as the Director of Information Technology for Interstate Batteries and has frequently provided oversight and consulting for Amor as it relates to our information system needs.

In preparation for the November Amor Board meeting, Mike and I also spent time working on the Business Plan for Cancun Christian University. For the last seven years Mike has been the President of a company called Personnelity as well as actively coaching executives leading all sizes of companies. While the Amor Board approved the Executive Summary for the University last February, the board is anticipating a consolidated business plan at the upcoming November board meeting. With Mike's expertise, we made significant inroads in the initial stages of drafting a proposal for the board.

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Anonymous said...

And he was very kind to our Amor team by providing us all "Slurpees". Thank you!