Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Week Of Changes

What a week. Changes, changes, changes! First, the book writing was put on hold. Too many events at work to get accomplished while writing a book. We didn't anticipate our summer participants not meeting our goals, we landed about 1,000 participants short, so we have to place more attention on recruiting more groups for this spring and increased fund raising. Our directors did a great job making budget cuts that will help us through the remainder of the year.

As I write this I should have been on a plane with Gayla on the way to Cancun for a meeting regarding Cancun Christian University. Well, it looks like Hurricane Dean decided to invite himself to Cancun also. Currently the hurricane is projected to hit Cancun sometime this Monday. All Nations Seminary President, John Lee, was also heading to Cancun, but from Peru. He was in Peru this week at the time of the 8.0 earthquake, which currently has killed a reported 500 people. John was glad to hear that we were not insisting that he meet us in Cancun to experience a hurricane. We will rescheduling this trip sometime this fall. When Gilberto called me from Cancun yesterday he was packing his things and consolidating his non-perishable foods in case he needs to ride out the storm. We'll keep him and all our friends in the Yucatan in our prayers.

For more updates on Hurricane Dean go to my other blog: Cancun Christian University.

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