Saturday, July 14, 2007

Why People Give To Amor

Why do people give to Amor? I often ask myself that one. Is it because we show the huge needs in Mexico and compel them to eradicate poverty? Are they touched by the field person who listens to them at a work site? Is it because we produce great brochures that show compelling conditions of poverty?

In "MegaGifts" by Jerold Panas, the author states that "People do not give because there is a need. Countless thousands of organizations and institutions have great needs. But donors run from "needs". Large donors give to heroic, exciting programs rather than needy organizations. The case must catch the eye, warm the heart and stir the mind."

Alex Spanos, owner of the San Diego Chargers stated that he never gives because there is a need. "There are lots of needs. I give because I'm interested in and I think I can make a real difference", says Spanos.

As Amor embarks on many significant endeavors we must always remember that it is God who guides our steps. He leads us to the needs, and he reveals to us the solutions. I love seeing how he then provides in miraculous ways to serve those in spiritual and physical needs around us. People serve in Mexico with Amor because they know they are a part of making a real difference. As we continue to provide such opportunities, God will then provide the resources, the people, and the passion to continue making a difference.

One of my favorite things in ministry is to see other people catch the vision that Amor has to show God's love in tangible ways. Our mission and our vision is extremely compelling. I truly believe that we must simply continue helping people make a difference in this world.

The stories we tell and the differences we make, by the grace of God, are truly the reasons people get excited about giving support this ministry. I'm excited every day when I see how the families we build homes for are changed. I can never hear enough stories about people coming to Mexico on a mission trip whose lives are never the same.

We must keep telling the stories,
and we must keep helping people make a difference.
Its our calling, and its why people give to Amor.

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