Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fly your troubles away

There is something about being in a plane that totally relaxes me. It didn't used to always be this way. I used to be terrified of flying (that's another story in itself). But these days I do really look forward to it. I think in part its because I am less connected, for once, when I am 35,000 feet above the earth. I wish it was due to a sense of being closer to heaven, but I think it really has more to do with being further from the earth for awhile.

Being that I am a seriously digitally connected individual, you might think the opposite for me. How can Scott not stand having an active cell phone connection and a wireless broadband connection? I wish I could answer that. All I know is that once I walk on a jet, I immediately feel more relaxed and look forward to the opportunity of having far less on my plate to juggle for awhile. My choices are limited, my opportunities minimal.

It makes it very understandable why Jesus would head into the wilderness to get away from it all. So he could spend some un-distracted time with his heavenly Father. I often wonder how he could even manage this time alone when he knew his time was very limited on this earth. If anyone should have been in a rush to reach every person on this earth is just three years, I would have imagined it would have been him. What an amazing example of keeping life on this earth in perspective.

I needn't wait for the next jet ride to find time to disconnect from the hectic pace I face everyday. I need to find alone time even when I have the ability to be "connected" in every way. Let's see, where is that bookstore/coffee shop I love in Sea Port Village? Hey Jesus! How about we meet there for coffee this Friday at noon? Awesome! Its a date!

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