Monday, July 16, 2007

Depend on God

One blog I am bragging about technology, the next I am dreading it. My previously wonderful Treo 700p cell phone was killed today when I was attempting a software upgrade to it. An upgrade I was instructed to do.

Long story short, I am writing this blog on my backup Blackberry on top of a hill in Tecate, Mexico. The view is quite expansive over the Tecate valley, but the smell is quite poignant since I can also see the sewage treatment plant. Guess which way the wind has been lowing this week? Straight into us.

The group working on this house where I am is a team from a company called Correct Craft from Orlando Florida. Twenty one hard workers are building a double wide for a family of seven. Presently they all live in a small two room shack on the side of a dirt cliff.

The father, Felipe, is carry stucco around to those who are applying the stucco to the walls as I write. Its a team effort all the way around. We have the likes of boat builders, sales people, executives, and the CEO working on this greatly needed home.

Correct Craft is a great company. A company with strong ethical values. Its founder, W.C. Meloon, once said that success comes primarily from God, not from following a business formula. He concludes, "I've tried both ways, and I'd rather depend on God.".

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