Thursday, July 05, 2007

And The Story Begins

After 27 years of amazing history, I am finally taking on the task of writing the Amor Story. Yes, today is officially the first day that I am seriously taking on the grand opportunity of writing a book about Amor Ministries. You probably won't see much of me during the entire month of July. I have cleared my calendar and have mostly locked myself into my home office to write, write, write.

I have been inspired, in part, to do this as the result of several books I have read in recent times. "Me, Myself, and Bob" is an incredible story about creator and producer Phil Vischer. In this amazing work, Phil describes the rise to success of "Veggie Tales", as well as the challenges that eventually lead to its decline. Previously, I had also read "From the Bottom Up: One Man's Crusade to Clear America's Rivers" by Chad Pregracke who tells an wonderful story about his journey from a one-man rubbish remover to an internationally renowned river campaigner.

As I read Chad's book about cleaning rivers I reminisced about how we had first built homes in the Tijuana, Mexico dump in the early 1980's. I began to recall the life changing events that happened in those days. Ones similar to my recent blog about when Rocco Ferrario recorded the story of a woman having her baby on the dirt floor of her shack in the Tijuana dump. Several years later, and close to 300 homes being built, the Tijuana dump was closed down and a community was transformed. This story alone inspires we to write about the remarkable ways that God has transformed our lives for the last 27 years.

Say a prayer for me as I undertake this very challenging project. I am both very excited to have this opportunity as well as being awed about the enormity of writing this story well. But then again, isn't this what Amor has always been all about, taking on things we have never done before as we continue to seek God's wondrous guidance. To Him be the Glory!!

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