Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Essential Business Philosophy of Amor Ministries

I am borrowing a practice of the San Diego Business Journal were they interview entrepreneurs and other industry leaders. I find these articles to be extremely interesting as I get to take a peek into the heart of these leaders and their businesses or organizations. SDBJ has a long list of questions and subjects they ask these leaders about. I am going to periodically blog about one of these topics. This first top is about what is Amor's "essential business philosophy".

As Jesus chose Peter to be the cornerstone of the church, Amor has chosen the church to be our leading core value. Many a para-church organization actually believe they are the replacement for the church or have no interest win working with churches. Since it founding in 1980, Amor has always focused on serving the church in Mexico and well as the United States. Our Mexican local pastors meet monthly at our Mexico Ministry Planning Boards to select needy families to receive homes, to determine which churches Amor should build, and even to help Amor determine which programs most appropriately meet the needs of their local Mexican communities.

Equally important is Amor's National Advisory Board which consists of church leaders, pastors, and youth leaders. Annual they participate in reviewing our community programs and give serious attention to new projects being developed.

At Amor, we are very proud of our dedication to serve the poor in Mexico by working with, through, and for local churches. No one knows the needs of the local community better. Every house that Amor builds is consider a gift to a needy family from the local Mexican church. Such a home is only one way the local church shows God love in caring and appropriate ways. When a group builds a home for a family they can be assured that the home is not the end of God's amazing outpouring of his love. The local pastor will continue to follow-up with the family; ministering to them if they need; praying with them if they desire; coming to church if they decide to.

I am very humbled knowing that each of us are truly a part of God's church as we serve him and glorify him by our serving hands and hearts. We serve a powerful and truly amazing God. He loves his church and we eagerly join him in doing the same.

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