Saturday, March 15, 2008

Amor Takes Off For South Africa
Steve Horrex, Dan Irving and I departed for South Africa this morning at 7:45am aboard a Delta jet. Our flight took us across the US on this historic flight in 3 hours and 20 minutes. The 2008 mile flight landed us in tornado laden weather that was wreaking havoc in Atlanta, Georgia. It was one of the bumpiest landings in a big jet this size I have been on. We soon heard that the tornado had even damaged the Georgia Dome..

We are now stuck on the tarmac with rain and hail pummeling the jet. The on-time departure is now a myth. We have now been on the ground foe over3 hours and a half hours, about the same time we have been in the air at this point (3 hours and 20 minutes).

Once we take off again we will face a 19 hour flight to Johannesburg with a short refueling stop in six hours in Senegal, the most westerly point in Africa.

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Anonymous said...

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