Monday, March 17, 2008


It’s still cold and wet and it is unusually cold for late Fall in South Africa.. Today started out with meetings at Rainbow FM with Humphrey who operates the station, a real shaker and mover, along with being an outstanding character. The conference room we meet in started with 8 and by the end of the meeting had 12 people coming and going. The one thing that is apparent is that there is definitely a need here for what Amor does.

Off to the community center named Ebenezer which is located between two townships and where the Director had no idea what Humphrey was bringing them; a group called Amor who were coming to build them homes. 137 people live here including 65 children. They have a vegetable garden, a bakery, a play ground and they make their own bricks to sell. It is evident they are poor, dirt poor, but it is equally evident they are rich in Christian spirit. We sat down with them and Steve Horrex explained what Amor wanted to do--they were overjoyed with what God had brought them. Their Director, Tommy said, “I see a vision with this.” They were astounded that Amor would be able to build homes for them in just one weeks’ time. “I’m excited and once it starts I won’t want it to stop. I want to work on it with my own hands with you. I want to be involved in the whole process,” Tommy said. By the end of our meeting all of Amor’s planning from Plan A had evolved into Plan E with most everything coming together. We are now all going to be working, living, laughing and praying together with the folks living at the Ebenezer Community Center. By the end of the day the Director gathered us together in a circle, holding hands in prayer, worship song and it ended with them literally jumping up and down in joy and giving thanks to God.

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