Sunday, March 16, 2008


It’s cold and raining, very cold, and this is South Africa? And the rain and cold is being completely off set by the South African hospitality. We are staying at Pastor Dalton’s and being promoted by Rainbow FM . The plan was to build up to ten homes in Kimberly, South Africa, but due to government regulations and some lack of communications between local and national government officials it is not going to happen. Kimberly will learn today and will be tremendously disappointed that they will not be getting the Amor houses; this time.

It’s on to plan B and building homes in the Johannesburg area at a Christian Community center where the compound may be called “Rainbow Amor Village.” This Christian community center is known as “Ebenezer’s Community Center” which they translate into “Rock of Hope.”

With the complete shift in plans Steve Horrex is doing double duty. Many are the plans of me but the Lord directs His actions. Steve’s poignant words to all, “we are here to make a difference” and “whatever it takes we will make it happen.”

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