Friday, March 21, 2008


We started with a meeting at Ebenezer Community Center to check on delivery of building materials and meet with Tommy and his work crew regarding the pouring of the five slabs. After reviewing the situation, this time Steve said, “It’s all really good.” Scott and Dan were dropped off at the University of South Africa, the largest correspondence University in the world to look for internet access. After clearing their security station we entered the campus to find a ghost town; no students, no teachers-- nobody. We found our way inside and walked the buildings. Nothing; no internet signals. We walked backed to Rainbow FM.

We learned today that Tommy and his wife, Shirley the Directors of Ebenezer (Christian) Community Center, were both were orphans and actually met at an orphanage. We also learned they recently took in a newborn baby, just days old, wrapped in newspaper and left on their driveway. The child will be taken in and loved. We’re all looking forward to the construction week which will start Monday and where we will all be living and working with this very large family of African orphans.

The troops arrived from Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Britain and the USA this evening, led by the notorious and illustrious Bill Hebner and his wife Bridgette. Three different incoming international flights. We are back and forth to the airport with vehicles and two hired buses. One of the buses it turns out can only travel at 10-15 miles per hour resulting in a long ride to the Church where they are to spend the night. They arrived all knackered and hungry, but the good thing is they arrived. Uh Oh! After everyone is in it’s learned that three missed their flight and another trip back to the airport (25 miles each way) is necessary. It was a long day for everyone and its Mexico all over again. You know, Mexico-Flexico. Well, by the end of the day it all worked out and eventually everyone was fed and tucked in for the night. It’s a good thing that God is in control and man’s best laid planes are put to rest. Goodnight & God Bless!

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