Thursday, March 27, 2008


Construction, Construction, Construction. That is what we are doing. With Bill Hebner’s eclectic group of young warriors; kids and young adults, many who have never been to Church and who have never swung a hammer or wielded a saw. They are an absolutely magnificent group of young pioneers who are building 5 houses in 5 days. And unbeknownst to them they are on a Crusade to break down the walls that separate us and to build bridges that connect us by building five houses in five days. That is so much worth repeating: FIVE HOUSES IN FIVE DAYS! God is accomplishing this through us in South Africa. We are His hands and His legs and we are His labor; and it is through His labor of love that we are here building homes and hope in South Africa.

Being here, doing this, as the British would say is “off the bleeding charts.” Nothing is random, nothing is coincidence, what we all are experiencing is by Divine Incidence.

These kids and young adults and us older guys and gals too; we are all having the experience of a lifetime. Really! Every action and every interaction with the South Africans and with each other are amazing interactions where God is planting and building amazing relationships. We are building homes together. Homes to help keep families to together; it is the cornerstone of Amor Ministries. The miracle that happens with this ministry of Love (Amor means love in Spanish) is that we are building these homes, God is building us His Home in our hearts; something which is critical to our very lives and to any hope we can have for our future, especially our future together with God in what we are to labor to achieve; our Home in Heaven with Him. And so we say, over and over again, “Buy a Donkey, Buy a Donkey,” which in Afrikaans means “Thank you very much, Thank you very much!”

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