Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time To Go

Three guys with a combined age of 153, with three sore backs, a very sore neck, a recently operated on knee, a soon to be operated on shoulder and numerous other multiple aliments boarded a jet this AM for South Africa to meet up with a group of 75 from Wales, England, a family from Indiana, a CEO from Canada and one American youth, along with 30 South African youth who will join together to endeavor to build homes and to establish the beginning of Amor Ministries with the hope of creating an ongoing international ministry of keeping families together while building Christian hope and character in everyone involved.

It’s the beginning of a long thought-out dream from Scott Congdon along with his fellow founders who are his wife, Gayla and his best friend Steve Horrex. It’s the beginning of a new beginning on a continent and in a country filled with problems including an HIV/AIDS birth rate of 30% where many children receive a death sentence before they are born. There are 38.6 million people infected with HIV/AIDS worldwide and 24.5 million (65%) live in Sub-Saharan Africa.

It’s a new Government since Apartheid ended in 1994, a new government of new people learning how to govern. It’s a country filled with problems… however from the perspectives of this Amor Missions team those problems mean only one thing—opportunities to help.

The following posts on South Africa are being written by Dan Irving in conjunction with Scott Congdon. Dan has worked on four Amor Mission trips with the Evangelical Free Church in Chico, California. Dan is presently writing a book called “Home” that includes a biography of Amor and he is blessed to be on this historic Amor Mission trip to South Africa.

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